Plan B to Save the World for Our Children

World Auditors Of Sustainable Growth


Paper A: Plan B to Save the World for Our Children

Paper B: WASG

  1.  The Elephant in the Room
  2. Myself and WASG
  3. Choosing WASG
  4. Growth
  5. World Groups
  6. Climate Change and Other Threats to the Commons
  7. What WASG Will Do

Paper C: Open Latter to the Prime Minister

Published by Western Morning News 15th August 2016

Paper D: Letter published by Western Morning News 19th February 2019

Paper E: More on the Case for WASG (World Auditors of Sustainable Growth)

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Sceptics and Denial – Logic and Psychology
  4. Alternatives to WASG
  5. 1.5C Target
  6. Capitalism (the markets), Democracy, Foreign Policy and the Rich/Poor Divide, Morality and Human Rights