World Auditors of Sustainable Growth

Plan B to Save the World for Our Children


The first of these five papers examine the critical issues facing the world today. They are an update of a presentation I made in 2012 (Our Legacy in the Age of Man).

Plan B to Save the World for Our Children says that the universal and unqualified quest for growth was leading to effects such as Climate Change that nations were failing to deal with by a wide margin. I propose the small Audit Team of WASG informs world population on an annual basis: and so pushes national leaders into effective action.

The paper World Auditors of Sustainable Growth says what I think WASG could contribute (a united front against the threats to the commons and, hence, help also solve the problems that are daily international news).

Paper C is an open letter to the UK prime minister indicating the unifying effect WASG could produce and how this would also help more widely.

Papers D and E reinforce the argument that much more is involved than the detailed technical matters of global temperature, ocean depths and acidity, ice melting and so forth: We have to deal with the Markets (Capitalism), Democracy, Inequality, Morality and Human Rights; all on a global basis. It is national leaders who have to act.

Ian McLellan 8 October 2015

Updated 25th April 2019 and 24th February 2020